Friday, August 05, 2005

The election "hots up"...

As has been mentioned in other rants on this page, NZ is heading for its General Elections. It is an exercise in our own small town equivalent of “pork barrel politics”, the level of debate reaches that of the kindergarten sandpit at times, there is much learned debate in the news media most of which is wrong or misquoted if you believe the politicians and their press officers, there are tv circuses complete with worms… and eventually it is decided who is going to get locked in the beehive.

But not all of it is serious stuff. The Spectrum doco I mentioned earlier is one of those classics that (perhaps in three years time) would bear re-broadcast.

On the route I use to and from work there is this billboard. It is one of many, but this one in particular. The connection to the elections might seem tenuous without close contact to the local political scene but it leads from a note in the bottom right corner to this.

Now as a “poll” or even a “survey” it probably holds little water. But I have to admit that it does tickle the fancy just a little. Did I enter my vote? No. I am not a great fan of chilli-laced pizza.

Oh!! The billboard? What did it have on it?

That is one of the best chuckles of the lot.

One of those very nice, smiling, well posed and composed, best photo-op head and shoulders portraits of –


Underneath reads – “Even hell has its standards.”

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Natasjia said...

HA HA HA! I have got to find a picture of that. I want a bumpersticker.