Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Where IS Wayne (PCTerminator) Mapp when you want him?

It looks like there is a pretty good chance I am going to die, and it might be from drinking water all me life...
Cancer-causing trace metals in plumbing fittings -- including lead, cadmium, copper and nickel -- have the potential to leach into drinking water and cause long-term health problems, the Ministry of Health has warned.

Every local council nationwide is now required under the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand 2005 to alert consumers to the potential danger and advise them how to avoid it.

OK, so I am not going to worry about it one little bit atallatall...
He said the standards, based on an average 70kg bodyweight, "erred on the side of caution".

"We're not just considering acute short-term exposure but the life-time potential for harm -- what the risk is if you drink two litres a day for 60 to 70 years."

Yeah, thanks Herald.


Dave Justus said...

At the moment, I would say that the chance you are going to die is 100%. to the best of my knowledge, everyone dies at some point. The most accurate predictor of an eventual death seems to be birth (or perhaps conception if you are inclined to think of it in that way.)

I would also bet that your health is greatly improved because of plumbing and your life expectancy is longer because of it.

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