Friday, October 13, 2006

I was wrong!!

There is no constitutional crisis this morning.

Auntie Helen has said the Labour Party will fork up with the $800,000.

Winnie the Pooh is seeking a Declaratory Judgement.

Peter Piper is just stunned, though mullets have not yet been mentioned because no one can find out where he is...

Brash Donnie and his merry men are basking in their own virtuosity.

Jeanette is speechless.

Rodney is going to pay the ACT bill himself.

All is right with the world.

Of course, Brady is still WRONG, you understand... but he is more right that Auntie Helen. Madame Speaker has a legal opinion that says Brady is wrong. But he is still more right ... Just to prove Brady was wrong there will be "validating legislation". Then Parliamentary Services can ask the Parties to pay it back. Madame Speaker is going to ensure that the legislation also changes the Rules, so that everyone understands them....

Well it was a good raruraru while it lasted. I am not sorry that I was wrong either. Not because I want Helen to stay on. The use-by date expired some while back. The latest alternate batch is already pretty scummy.

Hey!! Interesting thing there too... Brash Donny would not commit himself to an immediate tax cut, nor to tax cuts in 2008. No problem for Jonkey though... stick the knife in at about $50,000 and cut the tax off there would be great!!. Nah I made that last little bit up. :) I wonder though - is someone lining up the top job? Are we going to have another PM/Finance Minister? Oooo I love being wrong!!

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