Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hi family!! I'm Home!

I wonder how many out there remember that call.

The prob is back, and this is the short version of what has been goin' on with the ol prob over the past couple weeks.

The Interregnum post was the first try. Admitted Wednesday for op on Thursday. Chucked out at 4.30 Thurday afternoon after my theatre slot was taken by a case with a torn aorta. Was not a happy chappie because a prob forcibly seperated from food and drink for 30 hours is a rather nasty beastie. Anyways, headed home again (taxi'd by very able wife) and ten minutes after we got in the door the phone rang to advise me to be back in the ward Tuesday morning for op Wednesday.

And so, friends and readers, did it transpire.

I remember nothing of Wednesday from about 8 until after 3.30. Donated a small portion of my body to science. Donated a small portion of my time to technology. Greeted very able wife. Was back on the ward by about 7.30.

Thursday was a loss day. Late in the day they removed the drains and I was given my first walk.

Friday, up and about but not able to get far. Last of the power painkillers. - "... getting better all the time baby..."

Saturday, first formal exercise periods. Bad night. Watched America's Cup yachting for three hours.

Sunday, more improvement.

Monday, getting bored. Giving cheek to domestic staff. (the nurse you would not, not with the name Richard). First exercise on stairs - only three up and three down like a saluting stage. Took the salute from three nurses and got reported for insubordination.

Tuesday, getting into mischief. Tough night, reduced to watching infomercials and talking to an old bloke who had had triple bypass plus two valves the day after my op. He was heading home to his ex-wife (divorced twenty years ago) and her current partner (...not sure which way he bats). Worked out that lack of sleep at night was consequence of sleeping afternoons. Ahhh, epiphany three days late.

Wednesday, told the ol prob could be going home. Depends upon results of ecg and blood test. Former arrives on time. At 10.30 rark up nurse (poor Richard, lovely bloke) and he gets vampires on the job. Wife arrives for morning visit. Tell her what is going on. Wait. Ten minutes after she leaves for work, the doc turns up with honourable discharge papers. Tell doc that ten minutes earlier would have been a useful result.

There it is. Came home to delicious dinner.