Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two views of anti-Semitism...

This little wander actually starts with me ol' mates at aldaily the other day, with a link to this
A lot of Christians really like Jews! So why are those very Jews less than, uh, entirely happy about it?... more»

I read that piece - at leisure, from a print - and put it off to one side.

Earlier came this exchange on a very similar topic with the conclusion from David Schraub that -
I don't dispute the perception [that US foreign policy on Israel is guided by internal political pressures] exists, I do dispute the why it exists -- namely, I think much more of it [I presume the perception of US foreign policy] is based off of latent anti-Semitism than you do.

If you think Ancient Egypt is exhaustive of anti-Semitic stereotyping, you're woefully undereducated on the topic. We've got Christian theological anti-Semitism, Enlightenment Universalism anti-Semitism, Spanish "pure blood" anti-Semitism, modern-day Islamic anti-Semitism...I could go on. Plus, I vaguely remember some major non-Egyptian anti-Semitic action in recent history -- Holo...Hologram? I don't remember. But it was really famous.

I put that to one side at that point. Discussing US and Israel with David Schraub always ends with the "anti-Semitism" label being tossed into the pond.

Then this morning DS has reference to the same article through the medium of this critique.

I leave people to read each of the links, and to draw their own conclusions.

Personally, I have no truck with any system of thought that judges people on the basis of classifications. I can say that I have "no Jewish friends", simply on the premise that I never ask any of my friends what religious affiliations they have. It is none of my business, any more than their sexual preferences might be. I judge people solely on their relationship with me, how they react to me, and I expect no different from them. Religion, and politics, are generally off the table until someone else raises it...

Oh, and the article that prompted this? Confusing to say the least. But that might be because religion and politics in the same room are a no-no in the probligo-verse. Both have their place.


As I have said many times in the past -

How much chance would a Presidential candidate have of election if he spoke against current policies supporting Israel? Very little as I see it.

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