Sunday, November 09, 2008

What I did yesterday...

Well, first and most important we had our daughter staying with us for part of the weekend. Good to see her. We don't see her all that often these days what with her living in New Plymouth and all. Now she is 7 months hapu she can no longer fly so we will not see her again until after the bub is born in mid January. Mum will be taken down to be the good grandmother for a couple weeks.

The non-event of the weekend was spending 10 minutes to whizz around to the local school to cast my vote in the General Election.

Pansy Wong for the local representative. I have a fair respect for the work she does despite her political affiliation.

Maori Party for the party vote.

Say, WHAT!!!??!!!

My rationale goes as follows -

1. They are probably the most honest of the rat-bags that occupy the Beehive.
2. They have a unique process of consultation with their electorate. I could, if I wished, join in that process by attending at a local marae at the right time; and if I put the effort into becoming more fluent in Maori.

It goes without saying that the Jonkey is now "Our Noble Leader".

Winnie the Pooh is no longer a representative of anything. He lost his electorate by a dozen streets. Ron Mark (one of the few rational beings in the Beehive) was also turfed out. The NZF party polled only 4.3% (the minimum for representation by right is 5%) so no list seats either.

Auntie Helen has announced her retirement as leader of the Labour Party. That was about the only surprise of the night. I thought it would have been before the Party's next conference, rather than on the night.

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