Friday, March 20, 2009

Food time!!!

The Teflonman has put out one of his recipes which (if I leave out the cranberries, perhaps replace them with fresh apricot slices) sounds like a very nice piece of pork belly.

It raises the thought -


Get up, make an extra cup of green tea and infuse with mint (I used a green tea and mint teabag) then leave to cool for a while. Have breakfast.

Pour tea into a small casserole. Add 1 minced clove of garlic, a sprig of rosemary, salt and pepper to taste to the cold tea. Four lamb steaks (I used leg steaks which are taken from the outside of the leg). The liquid should cover the steaks.

Leave in the fridge until you get home from work.

Heat oven to 180C. Cook for 40 minutes. Serve on rice with greens.


Eugene Tan said...

Thanks for sharing your lamb steak recipe. I'll try it once I manage to score some affordable lamb steak.

The apricot slices will work. Acidity, that's what we are relying on, to lightly tenderize the meat and add some fruity flavour to counteract the porky smell of Oz pork.

The probligo said...

Knowing a little of Oz politics, the Americans sure should worry about the Aussies exporting pig meat.

Never know where it might have been!

News in NZ that over 80% of our pork is imported. Probably the consequence of "Queen St farmers" (hailing from the Auckland equivalent of Wall St) complaining about the smell from the pig farm across the way from their lifestyle block.