Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Big Bill - 2

The commentators in the weekend papers were somewhat less charitable in their views on the Budget than was I.

Some, the more right wing, went off to cry in their beer about the demise of the tax cut programme. No sympathy or concern there; that was a move both signalled and necessary to keep some semblance of fiscal management.

To the left though there was a degree of concern that the measures taken in the Budget had left little in the way of wriggle room for the future. Central to that line of argument was (generally) the with-holding of the Cullen Fund contributions.

There is still a concern in my mind.

I remember the approach taken by Olde Mother Richardson. Her (political) nephew might be into the same line of irrationality.

Sorry, but "trickle down" has been proven to be a myth; not just in NZ. It is also economicly, politicly and publicly discredited in the US, Europe and Canada.

Oh, "trickle down" and beer being cried into reminds me - anyone from outside NZ tried our Steinlager beer. It is not my drop of choice. I prefer a very dark 5 malt beer; something to chew on. Take a look - the current Steinlager ad is very likely to be on tube somewhere... :D ;)

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