Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bits and pieces; odds and ends...

Those words that stick in the mind -

Prolix; prolixis(?) Unnecessarily long and wordy. I wonder why that came to mind.

I was trying to think of a word for the unnecessary use of epithets.

The f'rinstance that brought that to mind was one of the writers I read regularly joining in the castigation of a person for using the word "fart" - one of the good old Anglo-Saxon words if ever I heard one. What made me wonder was the same person not a few days later addressing the same intent with the spelling of "phart".


OK, so there are a few words in my personal lexicon that I would not use in public. But then I can not think of any where a more publicly acceptable alternative does not exist.

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T. F. Stern said...

There was a book written, couldn't say for sure where you'd look to find it; but it was on this very topic; imagine, an entire book dedicated to expelling natural gasses.