Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The thieving BAS-TURDS!!!

News out last night that it is now possible to buy DVD copies of “Boy”, Taiko Waititi’s film that we enjoyed so much (see my earlier review).

“Good ho!!” You might think.

I don’t.

These are pirated, cheap, stolen copies.

They are being sold by cheap, thieving pirates.

The copies are bought by cheap nobodies who have no morals and even less sense of property.

It took less than 6 hours for the number of outlets on the ‘net to grow from one to over three hundred.

What does that say about our society?

There is a large and growing number of cheap, thieving, piratical, unprincipled, money-grubbing BAS-TURDS.

And they think the Somalis are bad?

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