Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

My thanks to Metservice for the map. It is theirs and I have knicked it. Just this once.

For those who know weather maps this should need no explanation. The high off to the east there graced our shores for about two weeks. It goes nowhere fast.

So there are no prizes for guessing the weather for this Christmas.

One thing - it is NOT cold...


Anonymous said...

Well, probligo, your weather map in fact does need explanation.

If you examine it carefully, you will see that it is made up of a lot of lines with blue sharp bits and red curvy bits. These lines and blue and red bits are superimposed on green-colored images of NZ and Oz. You will also notice that there are red-colored H's and blue-colored L's, trapped in little circles. Now, how do we interpret this?

It's plain even to the most meagre of intellects that these colours represent our two major political parties and one (the Green) minor pretender.

I count 19 blue sharp bits and 13 curvy red bits. This is a proportion of about 59% blue and 41% red. If we look at the current Parliament it has (approximately) 45% National and 34% Labour makeup. These proportions are about 57% and 43% - pretty well the same as your map symbols.

Also, the blue bits are sharp and resemble thorns - obviously symbolic of a thorn in the side and painful to boot. The red bits are blunt and rounded and generally point in different directions. This is symbolic of lack of direction, but a softer impact.

It's also obvious that the 'L' in blue stands for a Low point in politics, and notably the L is in the National Party colour. The 'H' stands for Helen (Clark), the Labour Party's most forceful and charismatic MP, and indicates that direction has been lost since she was deposed. (Note the split in the reds at the bottom of the map that reinforces this.). You will also see that the 'H' is moving off to the East. All of these symbols and lines are seen riding roughshod over the green map shapes of NZ and Oz.

Thus we can see that the map foretells the approximate makeup of Parliament in terms of the two major parties, and also gives us a little insight into the effect and history of them on NZ affairs.

I just love these maps.

Eugene Tan said...


Is it me or are you angrier than before? ;)

Merry Christmas.

PS. For the 10th year in a row, did you remember to send me a present this year?

The probligo said...

:D Eugene, yours to me arrived yesterday. I sent you a bottle of the PM's best Pinot a month ago. There must be a wine-buff customs wally between here and there.

Me? Angrier than before? No,,,, more stressed perhap but I intend remedying that over the next 10 days. Apart from the occasional bout of lunacy the world progresses much as usual.

MF I like your explanation, real fanciful. I do not have the imagination unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...prob, you think this is imagination??

Merely my analysis after reading 'The Lost Symbol'.

Which I might add is a load of crap.

By my comments you might even have guessed my real identity by now...

Have a good Christmas.

Aroha nui, The Monkfish.