Friday, November 18, 2011

What a storm in a teapot!!

It begins with all of the anticipation - …will he won’t he will he join the dance… - but not a sign of a lobster at all. For two weeks the media waited agasp for their invitation to the event of all electoral events; the expected invitation for Banksie to share a pot of tea with none other than the PM and the acknowledgement that Banksie was in fact a Nat in all but name for electoral purposes. Not only that, but the pot of tea was to come with shared electoral biscotti. In return for an undertaking (always an interesting word that, in circumstances such as these) to provide stable government the PM himself would ensure that his party would not actively contest the seat in which Banksie is standing.

The appointed day arrives. A media scrum is put down in a café on Broadway – another of those interesting coincidences that passes everyone by - the limousine draws up, the Banksie appears magically with entourage who dust the pavement from car to café and Banksie and PM repair to a table for a nice cuppa.

Once the media have played their part in supporting the election campaigns of the two, they are ushered out to press their noses against the windows and wonder just what PM’s talk about over a nice cuppa. Well, one industrious member of their number found out by (inadvertently) leaving his radio-mike in a bag on the table.

Since then, all manner of unprintables and several hundred tumbrills full of printables have been flying through the air.

Quite amazing then that no one has asked what the PM and Banksie were drinking. Choysa? Bell? Twinings? Or did the PM go the whole way and treat Banksie to a pot of Uncle Don's Best?


Anonymous said...

In days of yore, parents used to take their kids to the zoo to see the chimps tea party.

The Bankskey teapot meeting has parallels with the simian version. However, given the general tone of the meeting, I suggest it be renamed the Pisspot Meeting (given that there were two johns involved).

Baldric ('Blackadder') had many a cunning plan. JK has professed a wish to ditch the Banskeyian meeting a cunning plan from our PM to turn the voters off MMP? Can he be that subtle, or is that too much to expect of half a chimp tea party?

The probligo said...


On the whole, the CT that it was a cunning plan to keep the Gofer out of the media's attention has considerable weight.

The whole progression of ACT from Rhinohide Cart to Donnie Dragster is the stuff of M&B novellettes - if M&B had ever thought of doing espionage drama as a milieau. As far as cunning plans go it was the indirect takeover bid of the century.

I think Banksie is going to lose. Now having said that, I know he will be in on a landslide - if only because he will be first on the voting paper and most Epsom Salties can't get past that first line.

As you well know I am of an age to remember the chimp's tea parties. I think it was the nappies that put me off...