Friday, September 16, 2005

Another bunch of electoral giggles -

Oh man, the first just HAS to be the polls.

Labour is winning the battle of the big parties, but between them National and Labour look like destroying the Greens and NZ First in tomorrow's election, the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey indicates.

Labour is so far ahead it could run a majority Government on its own, if today's poll translates to votes.

Oh, yeah?

Polling companies continue to contradict each other over the likely election result, with TV One's Colmar Brunton survey last night tipping a National-led government and TV3's TNS poll giving a possible one-seat majority to Labour.


The polling trend spells danger for Labour. Last night's Colmar Brunton poll put National six points ahead, on 44 per cent to Labour's 38%. New Zealand First was on 5.5% and the Greens 5.1%.
In the TNS poll, Labour was on 40.5%, National 38.7%, NZ First 6.9% and the Greens 6.8%.

Labour fell five points in the past week in the TNS poll. Five out of the last six polls have now had National ahead,...

Earlier -

The polls point toward a dead heat tomorrow. Projecting the trend from the beginning of the year through to election day gives a combination of National, New Zealand First and United Future exactly the same score as a combination of Labour, Jim Anderton, Greens and United Future.

The immediate past picture actually gives a lead to Helen Clark: averaging the three polls published last night on TV1 and TV3 and this morning in the Herald gives Labour-Anderton-Greens-United Future 50.0 per cent and National-New Zealand First-United Future 48.3 per cent

Yesterday -

Two days out from Saturday's general election, National Party leader Don Brash has become favourite to win, according to online bookmaker Centrebet.
Labour's outlook is so bleak that some punters are changing horses and accepting losses.

Sunday -

Today's Herald on Sunday-DigiPoll shows Labour with 42.1 per cent party-vote support, ahead of National on 38.5 per cent, while respondents say they trust Helen Clark well ahead of Dr Brash. Only days ago, the parties were neck-and-neck. Two other polls expected out today give conflicting results, promising Saturday's election will be one of the closest in living memory.

And so the seesaw goes... until tomorrow.

Second just has to be the stoush between Winnie the Pooh and his nemesis in hte Tauranga electorate Bob (Left testicle) Clarkson.

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