Wednesday, November 30, 2005

...and a little justice.

Those with better memories than mine will remember my comments here on the two bright little sparks who thought a bit of paint and desecration was warranted on Auckland's three mosques.

Well here, at last, is the outcome.

Jason Paul Molloy, 19, and Ross Mark Baumgarten, 18, were yesterday each sentenced to one year's imprisonment for seven counts of intentional damage on mosque and cultural centres.

They have been given leave to apply for home detention and will have to pay reparation of $5000 each at a minimum rate of $20 a week once they are released from jail.

To put that sentence into context, compare it with this -

Karen Jolly in her Honda Accord, Travis Green in his Mazda 323 and Kok Kie driving his Toyota MRS were strangers on May 7 this year.

Green threw down the gauntlet on Great North Rd about 6.30pm, Kie grabbed it at speeds of up to 130km/h and Mrs Jolly sat at the Waikumete Hill intersection in Glen Eden oblivious.

The 44-year-old was waiting to turn from Awaroa Rd, near the cemetery, on to Great North Road when they met, Kie's car slamming into hers, Green allegedly speeding off.

She died in hospital three days later.

Green, 20, has pleaded not guilty to street racing causing Mrs Jolly's death, failing to stop and failing to render assistance.

In the Waitakere District Court yesterday Kie, 38, was sentenced to two years in prison.


Dave Justus said...

So do you approve, disapprove or what on these verdicts?

The probligo said...


What I think of these verdicts is not important.

What is important (for me at least) is getting other people to think about them.

So, what are YOUR feelings?

The most interesting verdict will be that of the small minded idiot Green.

The two vandals - their parents need a damned good kick in the jacksie as well. But that is my opinion. If I recollect, one of them was a law student. He has lost his career. The reparation is probably the best reminder that both could get of what they did. I just hope that rich parents resist shelling out on their behalf.

Dave Justus said...

I think a year is prison is too much for vandalism. Depending on the cost of the damage, $5000 dollars a peice may be too much or too little.

As far as the reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter, 2 years seems a bit light, but possibly acceptable depending on circumstances, plea deal etc.

Obviously it seems to me that 1 year for vandalism, 2 years for a death doesn't seem very fair.

I find it odd that you are reluctant to say whether you approve of these or not, and why. It would, in my opinion, be a far more interesting blog post if you discussed your own thoughts as well.

The probligo said...

Dave the reluctance comes from the thought that if I state what I think, any commentary from others will tend to be pulled toward that.

If I present the subject, without my feelings on the matter, then I should (I think) get a far more honest response.

But then you are one of the very few dropping by, so perhaps I am wrong...

The probligo said...

Oh bugger. Pushed the wrong button again...

Vandalism - five buildings requiring repair / painting. Reparation 100%. Remember that if it were a Chruch people would be howling "desecration" as well... Prison term, yep I reckon a year would be about right. They can be out in 6 months if they do things right...

The boy racers - No. I agree with you that it is on the light side.

BTW at the moment there is no "plea bargaining" in NZ. We do have a new concept of "sentence bargaining" where a person can buy out of a sentence with the Court awarding a goodly part of the buyout to the victim.

The worst of these in recent times was a Chinese student who was driving a Bimmer (a 740 if I remember) at high speed on his four day old drivers license. He lost it, killed a four y-o girl in the forecourt of a gas station. He offered something like $500,000 to the family as buyout of his 4 year sentence for vehicle manslaughter.. The family refused to accept his blood money.