Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rod Donald -

He deserves a longer and better recognition than I will give here.

Rod was co-leader of the Green Party, Green activist, politician, and generally very thoughtful guy.

I might not agree with much of his politic, but I do recognise what he has achieved with respect.

Rod died on Sunday last at the age of 48 from viral myocarditis.

This morning's cartoon had Rod reporting back that he had met up with huia, Haast's eagle, moa and other extinct NZ flora and fauna.

Rest well, Rod.


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Diana said...

A Green party is a formally organized political party based on the principles of Green politics. These principles include environmentalism, reliance on grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and social justice causes, sportsbook, including those related to the rights of indigenous peoples. "Greens" believe that these issues are inherently related to ecological, social, and human bodily health.