Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I have been called "anti-Semite"...

before, most recently by "Greg" over at Dave Justus' place. (BTW no criticism of Dave, he handled it very well).

OK, so here I go being anti-Semitic again.

This here, just stinks. It is as rank, nay more so than trying to get false NZ passports for Mossad agents.
Maori politicians and health advocates are outraged that a tobacco company named a brand of cigarettes Maori Mix.

The Maori Smokefree Coalition (Te Reo Marama) said Philip Morris was marketing a brand of cigarettes called Maori Mix in Israel. The box featured a quasi Maori design and a map of New Zealand.

Te Reo Marama spokesman Shane Bradbrook said the use of the Maori name and the image was a defilement and unbelievable considering the high smoking rate among Maori.

"Would we have them here and call them Jewish Mix? It would be as offensive to the people in Israel as it is offensive for Maori."

Philip Morris said the cigarettes were a short-term special edition and were no longer available anywhere in the world, Newstalk ZB reported this morning. The company said the packs were intended to "communicate open-minded acceptance of cultural diversity".

Te Reo Marama was notified about the brand by a Pakeha New Zealander living in Israel who bought a packet home with her.

Now if someone wants my respect, it is freely given when deserved.

If anyone wonders why I have little respect for the state of Israel, remember this and the little fracas over fraud to obtain a NZ passport just for two.

And a note to Phillip Morris, I just hope that someone, somewhere, puts a light to the end of your product... "end" there being the operative word. As in "finish".

Typical F***ing Americans.

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Dave Justus said...

Um, blaming Jews for this does seem to be verging on the anti-Semetic. It doesn't seem to me that the Government of Israel or Jews really had much to do with this. Phillip Morris is a giant multi-national, and while it may have been in poor taste to choose a name like this, I wouldn't call it the worst thing ever in the world.

One has to wonder when something like this causes a person to have little respect for Israel if it is more an excuse than a reason.