Friday, December 23, 2005

Well, that was the year, that was...

Probably to the profound relief of the blogosphere, the probligo is making his last post for 2005.

Over the past three weeks posting has been somewhat limited - for reasons not requiring debate but involving a very sick and elderly computer at home and the need to surreptitiously (I LUV that word) sneak the odd post out under the nose of my boss...

In a few hours time, then, I am heading home to celebrate Christmas with my wife, our two children, their partners, and our one (thus far) grandchild. Note that I am celebrating Christmas despite professing to be atheist. There is a reason for this - and it has nothing to do with the religious connotations of the festival. My daughter could give you at least three different names for the winter solstice celebration and when they were used in Britain and the Celtic part of Europe. It is a label. Far more importantly for me it is a time when we can "gather the clan" and renew the family bonds. To that end, wife and I are travelling north to the Hokianga and there will visit my sister and any other hangers-on that may be about. Among them I was hoping would be my step-mother who has decided to shift down to Whangarei. So, IF we are able to see her, it will be one of those "we are passing through" visits rather than a liesurely afternoon under their oak and chestnut and pohutukawa trees with the accompaniament of a couple of bottles of good communion wine. Why communion wine? She is an Anglican Minister, retired, re-employed and soon to be retired again. At the age of 75 she deserves to be retired.

There is another reason why I want to see my step-mother. She is a link to an Anglican retreat just south of the Hokianga. It is maintained by three nuns and a monk. She has told me of the "unique" stations of the Cross that they celebrate and I am hoping that I will be allowed to attend and record (photograph) the Stations and the celebrants. As I recollect, one of the stations is a tree that has been struck by lightning at some time in the past and has survived, a small waterfall (a "rill" in old English), and a standing stone.

But that is for the future...

Iraq - who did not see the results from the beginning? Riven in three on "racial" and "religious" divisions. Remarkable lack of foresight there on someone's part.

When will Bush be impeached? What grounds will the Senate use if he is? How much damage will be done to the Repubs if he is?

How much longer will Tony Blair last as Leader of the British Labour Party?

Will the NZ economy crash? Probably. How hard? It is not going to be easy, that is for sure.

For myself, I have had a good year. I have met many to whom I would never have "spoken" without the marvels of this technology. There is much in this world that exists only as shadows on the edge of my imagination. Between me and that shadowness are the many people whose paths have crossed mine. Some are close to me and I see them clearly, some are further off and some are almost part of the shadows. For this year I hope (if I can turn my computer into a modern-day Lazarus) to try and put some shape to the unknown.

So, to any who pass this way -

You all have a very happy Christmas. Celebrate the festival in your own ways. Most of all enjoy your families while you may, and never let them become part of the shadows.

Then have yourselves a most prosperous and enjoyable 2006.


Dave Justus said...

Merry Christmas Probligo

Al S. E. said...

A slightly belated Merry Christmas, Probligo. And thanks.

The Poor Blogger said...

Hey, I did a search for "probligo" on Google and found that you are, apparently, a thorn in the collective sides of several conservative blogs. It must give you warm fuzzies on cold nights!


The probligo said...

Christopher, Al, Dave, thanks all...

Christopher, you mean I register on Google? For goodness sake!! Don't what ever you do buy the shares! :D :D

As for being a PIA for some, that is their problem if I am. I do not do it to get warm fuzzies on cold nights. There is this bee in my bonnet about truth, half truths, and blindness... Does it change anything? Probably not. Do I care? No. I notice that at least one of them has spam blocked me - and I was the only one commenting on his blog. Heigh HO!! :D :D