Thursday, August 10, 2006

Well I never!!

I have been reading, with some considerable respect, the writings of TFStern for some while now. There are interesting and strong differences in our beliefs and politics, but thus far we have treated each other with mutual respect.

So, if TFS does come this way and read this I want him to know that what follows is not at all intended as criticism or insult at a personal level; I understand the depth of his beliefs to even consider that. But I am considerably surprised by one of his latest posts.

Perhaps someone might like to enlighten me as to why a Church might make such a directive, might insist upon its observance.

Equally to the point, what difference does facial hair or the lack of it make to a man's beliefs and his character? If a religion were to "legislate" against cutting a mans hair or beard, would a bald man be able to hold to his faith? Would he be allowed to hold to his faith?

TF, I respect your compliance with your Church's request. I think I prefer the "before" to the "after".

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