Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well, I guess that it must be almost summer...

... the probligo has a week off work, there is a lovely fresh 25 knot NWer blowing outside, it absolutely pissed down about 2 hours back (it is coming up 6 a.m. as I write). Oh, and add to that real live icebergs off Dunedin.

So it must be summer.

Add to that the icebergs - the story in the ODT has the real gas headline of "Flights for Thaw Ice".

Air traffic out to Otago’s celebrity icebergs was so thick yesterday, flight paths were issued by Dunedin’s skyway controllers.

So far, four large icebergs have been spotted off the Otago coast, with one of them in two pieces. By last night, they had drifted about a further 18km from shore.

Helicopters Otago pilot Stu Farquhar was among those ferrying sightseers and he said he had never seen anything quite like it.

“It is flat out, actually,” he said.

"The Dunedin control tower, they haven’t put any rules in place but they have put some suggested routes to keep traffic separated out a wee bit.”

So we are off to the 'Naki. Christmas (a bit early I know) with daughter and s-i-l. Well she is very busy people, and I need to take my hols when I can grab the odd week (not like some who piss off to Old Blighty for a month, huh Col!!)

Oh, the photo of the berg was taken from the top of Mt Cargill, Dunedin. Yeah, the white fly-speck thingie there at the top is the berg...

Oh and a little note for you movie-goers before I forget...

News last evening that two recent NZ films have been sold for the US market.

The first - Number 2 - I can highly recommend. It is the story of the passing of authority within a Polynesian family, and the stresses that causes. Touching and quite funny.

The second - Out of the Blue - is not a film I would personally choose to go see. Those who enjoy the depiction, or recreation, of senseless murder might enjoy. Supporters of NRA can feed their insecurities as they rejoice in "yet another proof of the necessity of keeping a gun by the bed". It is the story of a small rural community that was cut apart when David Gray went berserk with a rifle. It has been consistently ranked 5 stars, so don't let my personal dislikes put you off.

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