Friday, February 16, 2007

The Best of NZ Sport -

... the very best in fact.

I was hoping to link through to TV1 archive so that you (my casual readers) could enjoy the presentation of the Halberg Sports Awards which took place last night. Obviously, copyright and piracy being what they are TV1 has decided not to put this programme out on the 'Net.

So, you are missing out on seeing and hearing Valerie Vili win the Sportswoman of the Year, Mahe Drysdale's acceptance speech for Sportsman of the Year, Tana Umaga receiving a very overdue award for leadership and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Ken Elliot who at the age of 91 is still active in golf.

A shame the video is not available. It gives a very real picture of what NZ is, what our people are, and the combination of pride and humility displayed by our top sports men and women.

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