Monday, February 19, 2007

The new look -

Hmm, well it was worth the try I guess.

For the technically minded the header banner was taken from two of mine own photos, ably shopped by my now rather ancient MicrographiX 6 which came as a freebie on an earlier system. How much longer I can keep that going is a worry. I have an old beastie (16-bit) in reserve so that I can go back to it if I need to. I also had to load up the .gif via a dummy posting. If there is another route please tell me because the posting way sets the image size at 420px wide and I want the full 820px. Any suggestions for a work-around?

Has anyone tried animated .gifs on blogger headings? Gotta couple ideas which could be fun. Yeah, I know, do it in Flash because it is easier. It may well be if you spend the USD2000 or whatever Flash costs these days.

Some assistance required with dynamic lists. The post index is not working right. If I click on (say) 2006, I get the last posts in 2006 but the index seems to disappear or it stays stuck at 2007. I might spend some time on that over the next few weeks but my immediate suspicion is that it is widget driven and consequently not accessible unless I write my own. So, to those who might know - help?!.

Yeah, well it is red-face time. I missed the "Y'click on the little triangle thingies.." bit in the 'structions. So that problem is solved.


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