Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vale - Hone Tuwhare 1922-2008

Aue, but it has been a sad week.

I have always enjoyed Tuwhare's poetry. He wrote from the heart. His words have the power of earth to them.

This about Maori artist Ralph Hotere...
When you offer only three
vertical lines precisely drawn
and set into a dark pool of lacquer
it is a visual kind of starvation:

and even though my eyeballs
roll up and over to peer inside
myself, when I reach the beginning
of your eternity I say instead: hell
let’s have another feed of mussels

Like, I have to think about it, man.

When you stack horizontal lines
into vertical columns which appear
to advance, recede, shimmer and wave
like exploding packs of cards
I merely grunt and say: well, if it
is not a famine, it’s a feast

I have to roll another smoke, man

But when you score a superb orange
circle on a purple thought-base
I shake my head and say: hell, what
is this thing called aroha

Like, I’m euchred, man. I’m eclipsed?

Hone is going home to the Hokianga. I shall pay my respects next weekend ehoa.

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