Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perhaps this goes some way to expaining NZers

Ol'Whig Al has me going with a "get rich quick" - one of these "earn $75,000 in your spare time" - schemes.

Personally I can't abide them, but please don't tell Al that. As far as I am concerned they come under the "...sound too good to be true..." along with "...if it is so successful, why does he want to sell it..."; the kind of offer that appears in some of the tabloids for "I have made thousands winning on the horses with this simple technique - I will sell it for $2,500!!" I can't help but imagine a line of "finders" trading off each other, each adding their little bit to the cost of the oil that I want to buy for my trip to Opononi this weekend.

And that brings me to the explanation - in the Herald (tomorrow?) is this little gem...
Living a morally good life and having free time is more important to New Zealanders than getting rich, according to a recent survey.

The poll, conducted by UMR Research, asked 750 respondents to rate six values on whether they were very important, somewhat important, not that important or very not important at all.

Only eight per cent valued being wealthy as "very important", but most rated living a morally good life (78 per cent), having enough time to do the things you want to do (64 per cent) and having children (59 per cent) as very important.

Climbing the career ladder didn't appeal to many, with only 37 per cent rated being successful in a career as very important compared with 49 per cent who rated helping the wider community by volunteering and donating as very important.
Similar research conducted in the United States shows New Zealanders and Americans rated things much the same as each other, but with one important exception.

While 61 per cent of Americans rated being successful in a career as very important, only 37 per cent of New Zealanders felt the same.

As I said to Al, I am rich. But I am rich in ways that he might not comprehend. The results of this survey suprise me not at all. At least the first three headings of morality, free time and recreation, and family are head of my list.

I do not need money to enjoy any of those.

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