Thursday, January 08, 2009

After the festivities...

We (SWMBO and I as the rest of the family now have their own paths to walk) went north to Opo the Monday before Christmas. Work was done plastering the carport wall to get that all sealed off (to little avail but that will take another post)and painted.

Christmas dinner was enjoyable - roast lamb and veg, Demifroix ( I hate with intensity people who call it "demi-freddo" or "semi-freddo") made with apricot which was not an outstanding success.

Then we got into the serious business...

It ran through my mind while driving home that there is so much that happens in this world which, on reflection, matters very little.

Instances that come to mind -

The shenanigans around the Senate seat vacated by OHB.

The Israeli government getting into yet another "Wag the Dog" war with Gaza because their popularity with the electorate was dropping fast just a few weeks out from an election. Where did that deja vu flash come from?

GWB frantically trying to find something that people will remember him for. He found it - in the form of most of the North Pacific. What right he has to donate that area to posterity I don't know but I guess that after having the crap nuclear bombed out of it in the '50s and '60s there is little left there of real economic value.

Pontifications on the future of mankind from all manner of people from Il Papa on downward.

How education should be working and isn't. Interesting one this, as it is fairly close to the ol' cockles. Not worth pursuing though as half the world would not care and the other half would misinterpret the intent, and then half would think it a darned fine idea and spend the next 20 years and millions of bucks trying to make it work, which it probably wouldn't because the teachers think it is a stink idea anyway.

And so the list goes on. It does get quite depressing really.

Highlights? Walking to the Waiotemarama Falls. Took film rather than digital and might post up when I get the film back. Sometime. Seeing my sister for a second, no sorry third, Christmas dinner. Had Vichyssoise, boerewurst and salad for lunch. Nice. I did not take a dip in Stephan's moat. Biggest highlight was my first swim in 3 years, since Feb 06 in fact. Can't omit the woodchop on NYD. Always good fun, and the hangi was a good lunch for $8 a pop.

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