Monday, January 19, 2009

What a sorry pass...

In amongst all of the angst and hair pulling and sackcloth and ashes over the (seemingly rash) refusal to serve two Israeli women, I can but wonder if the same hue and cry would have erupted if a Jewish café owner had refused to serve two Muslim women in hijab.


T. F. Stern said...

I suppose the owner should be able to serve anyone he wishes too and reject anyone also; however, that blade cuts both ways. Customers can decide to take their business elsewhere and tell their friends to do the same.

Eugene Tan said...

I think we are very naive to think that we KNOW and CAN solve the problems between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

I believe that the turmoil will last even beyond my life time. The problem has to be solved by the people involved. If they are not ready to do it, they simply aren't. STOP interferring, thinking that you know better than them.

We don't and can't. This is the price the people there have to pay for the decisions they have taken. We can only send aid and advise them to restrain themselves.

Dave Justus said...


Are you claiming that this sort of anti-semitism is ok because Islamophobia would get a pass?

Perhaps Islamophobia ia rapant in New Zealand to the point where it happens all the time and no one questions it. In the U.S., while some actions similar to this have occurred, they have indeed been widely condemned. This sort of thing is wrong, whether the victims are Palestinian or Jews, and we should condemn it in both cases.

The probligo said...

Dave, the whole thing troubles me, not just because of the basic problem of discrimination but because we also have a law in this country which (because in this instance the shopkeeper made it clear he was not serving two people because they were Israeli) effectively is compelling people to accept all and every customer who walks through their door.

Now it might be that your personal selective morality can allow a person to discriminate against a Muslim while at the same time labelling (exactly the same) discrimination against an Israeli as "anti-Semitism" with all of the historic and emotional under-tones that carries.

Without regret, my morality does not allow that distinction. Both attitudes are identical. Both are discrimination.

The very big problem that I am trying to point to is that in this country (and I very strongly suspect in the US as well) such a moral distinction, no let us give it is proper name of "racial discrimination" is not only permitted but to be encouraged; in spite of there being a law against it.

If you want an example of the attitude and the moral distinction, try this sentiment, one I have heard expressed by Ahmedinejad on several occasions -

When will peace come to the [Levant] which has been fought over for all these years? Answer, when the people of the world unite in their understanding that the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob; is the one true God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

In other words, peace will be achieved only when Islam no longer exists but is overcome by Christianity and/or Judaism. Or if it is said by Ahmedinejad, when Islam overcomes the infidels.

Now, is that a religious discrimination? On the one hand it is right; on the other it is wrong. The morality of it depends on nothing more than who says it...