Monday, July 27, 2009

A Material(istic) difference...

This little tale comes from a friend of my wife; a lady whose opinions and outlook I respect as much as I do her husband’s.

The conversation was about parties, barbeques of the summer variety, and some of the people that you meet.

This lady invited some friends over for a barbeque (the story is second hand from my wife); friends whom the hosts knew had guests in from San Francisco. The husband of the lady telling the story was a keen angler and had had a good catch the day prior and was happy to share some of our freshest and finest seafood.

After the meal had been downed, accompanied by some very good wine I do not doubt, the hostess was in the kitchen clearing up and was stacking the plastic plates used for the barbeque in the dishwasher.

The female half of the San Franciscan couple came in to assist and was quite astonished that the plastic “throw-aways” would be re-used. “Oh! We haven’t washed dishes in years! Everything is delivered in disposables, and we use disposables at the table!”

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