Saturday, September 18, 2010

On being pursued by police -

No, the ol' probligo has not been breaking the law, getting on the wrong side of the law or anything else with the law.

The police in these parts have been copping a fair bit of flak in recent times - like the past three or five years - for the number of road deaths "caused by police pursuit".

In the most recent example - last night - the Herald at least has taken a slightly softer line but they can not resist the temptation, and the associated implied blame, of listing off the circumstances of the 14 deaths that have occurred in this year alone "following a police chase". The next sentence adds some truth as it ends "after drivers fled police". Truth, as I said.
A man is being questioned by police this morning after two people were killed and two others seriously injured in a crash after a police chase in an Auckland suburb last night.

Police said they pursued the car through Onehunga after reports that someone was shining a red laser beam at drivers on the Southwestern motorway.

A quick google of "zealand police chase death" will turn up any number of blogs and other commentary castigating the police for the deaths all too easily associated with police chases.

Hello people!!!

Now please, do your best to follow this -

1. Why were the police even remotely interested in this car and its occupants. Was it even remotely because they might have been following up on actions that could be considered dangerous, illegal and maybe even stupid?

2. Why did the driver of this car try to get the h3!! out of there when the police turned up? Was it even remotely because there as reason to leave in a hurry? Like he (and they) knew damned well that they had been doing something dangerous, illegal and maybe even stupid?

3. Why did the driver not stop when (as is required by law) you have the polis behind you with lights and siren going? Probably because he (and they) knew damnned well that he could easily avoid the police's interest simply by going faster?

On at least three counts - presence, location and time for one, stupidity for shining a laser at cars on a motorway for two, hightailing it for three - it is not apparent, it is blindingly obvious.

Who would be blamed for an accident caused by a driver being blinded by a laser shining in his eyes while travelling at 100k? Of course!! It would be the police!! Too busy issuing stupid infringement notices for parking, speeding and all of those other revenue gathering things that they do.

No. This total wally, this nincompoop, this no-brain who killed two of his mates deserves everything that he gets. No. On reflection he won't get what he deserves. How is about tying him to a lamppost, say somewhere very close to the edge of the Royal Oak roundabout where he can take his chances with those who play chicken with the centreline and the roundabout itself and perhaps get an appreciation of the danger he and his ilk cause to (comparatively) law-abiding drivers?

What is the old gun-slinger's excuse? "Guns don't kill people. People kill people"? Learn something kiddo. The police did not kill your mates.

You killed them.

On "deserved punishment".

Time to bring back the stocks, the pillory.

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