Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rampaging idiocy posing as television presentation...

The following is the text of a letter I have sent to the Editor of old Granny Herald.

No, I do not expect that it will be published.


He has apologised? Any apology from that man has the dignity and worth of the seven year old who knows that in better times he would have been facing a goodly walloping from the old man, but that now he might get a couple of hours peace and quiet in his bedroom.

There is no apology that he can offer, to Sir Anand, to New Zealand, or to anyone else, that would satisfactorily make up for his current sins.

If he wishes to do penance perhaps he could consider crawling naked across the Northern Motorway in the 5 p.m. rush hour tonight.

Alternatively, to just leave the country permanently might be sufficient apology.


This is why it was writ...

On TVNZ's Breakfast yesterday Henry suggested Sir Anand's successor should look and sound more like a New Zealander.

Henry made the comments while questioning Prime Minister John Key.

"Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time ... Are we going to go for someone who is more like a New Zealander this time?"

Mr Key seemed taken aback and said that Sir Anand was a New Zealander.
I am sincerely sorry if I seemed disrespectful to him (Sir Anand), that was not what I intended and I certainly didn't intend to sound racist.

It was wrong for me to ask the questions that I did."

Henry said Sir Anand's background was far more "dignified" than his own.

"Most people think that I am British but the truth is much, much worse than that, like the Governor-General I was born in New Zealand but, however, I am at least half what they colloquially call in Europe a gippo (gypsy).

"So let me make it quite clear I will never apologise for causing outrage, however, I will, and do apologise for causing real hurt and upset to anyone, no matter what their background, who works to make this country a better country.

"So in that spirit I apologise unreservedly to Sir Anand and his family, he is a very distinguished man I am a gippo television presenter."

You want a sword to fall on? I got one. And it is blunt.


Latest addition to this sorry story is that the offender (offensive offender) has been suspended until 18 October without pay.

That only leaves the question -

"Suspended by which portion of his anatomy?"


Ann said...

Thank you for visiting.

Re: The Paul Henry's case, I too hold the same opinion. Both my comments to the Herald were published.

I am always interested in a fellow Auckland Blogger, or are in in Oz?

Monkfish said...

Had our Helen been the interviewee, Paul Henry would have been flakes of ash 10 seconds after his utterances.

As for saying "what a lot of people think but are scared to say" reveals not that we have freedom of speech on the airwaves but that pandering to shallow thinkers with old-fashioned and ingrained xenophobia is somehow laudable...and will boost TV ratings. All we need now is an AB or ex-AB to pontificate on the matter...

Less important in the eyes of the populace is the granting of Gerry Brownlee (Canterbury)and Murray McCully (RWC) with near-dictatorial powers. "Celebrity" utterances seem to be much more important than our slide towards totalitarianism by our governing body, if the Herald feedback is anything to go by. I also note that our honourable PM is on record as saying that John Banks is in with a chance as Auckland mayor despite lagging in popularity. Nice to see the National Old Boys Society in action.

The probligo said...

Ann, Auckland.

Monkfish, the topic of government by regulation, or fiat government if you prefer, is something I am looking to for my next rant. Hold your water there for a bit...

Re Auntie Helen, the phone would at least have melted in his hand, I agree. The real challenge in the "what if" department is trying to imagine how Keith Holyoake would have reacted... :D

Monkfish said...

Further comment - and my last on Henry - is that in response to his deliberate mispronunciation of Dikshit and accompanying hilarity (which I never saw live but did on the TV One News tonight), he qualifies in spades for the term 'Dipshit'.

The probligo said...

Final undate from me -

The inevitable - he jumped before he was shot.

No doubt now that he will have a strong and faithful following amongst the radio talkback community. He will build a strong and happily wealthy career on the foundation of the wreakage he has left behind.

I am not a follower of talkback radio.

It deserves him.