Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hey!! Wha' happen!!

Not often that I can keep the old mouth shut for more than a few days. OK so it is our holiday season down here, but that ain't all...

My lovely wife and I took ourselves off up to the bach for Christmas.

We had a delicious roast lamb for our Christmas lunch, all the trimmings, gazpacho soup to begin, and a well rounded feeling of goodwill to all at the end.

A walk down to the store was called and on the way back up the hill, yours truly - the unbreakable old probligo - hit the wall. Not I hasten to say in the form of a heart attack but in a major recurrence of the old mitral valve problem.

So as I consequence the probligo spent his "holidays" in three hospitals - starting with Rawene, moving immediately to Whangarei on Boxing Day, and then after four nights to Auckland.

I am now at home. I am now part of NZ's dreaded "hospital waiting list system". The day that I get the call for my op (valve replacement) I am going to buy a lottery ticket.

Insurance? JOKE!! I have insurance and everything and anything to do with heart and mitral valve is excluded. I had a similar episode about 15 years back - nothing major then, nor since, other than the insurance company removing all cover for the problem unless I paid three times the existing premium.

Merry Christmas!!!

p.s. don't forget the email has changed to the_probligo and that the base for him is now - addresses may need to be changed.

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Eugene Tan said...

Get well soon.