Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oooo! What a nasty piece of cynicism! :D

Been reading the background to the Ethiopian attacks on Somalia over the past couple weeks. Most recently the news has contained references to a suggestion that the US and Europe (let's hear it everyone - The Concert of Democracies!!!) should provide funding for a pan-African force to try and resolve that conflict. Research is slow, but I have come across this editorial out of Kenya.

Read the whole thing - it provides some interesting analysis and parallels on Somalia. But the conclusion is like a scorpion - with a real sting to it...
Prior to 9/11 as Bush enjoyed his extended vacation and bug-digging excursions with his dogs, the man had no work concept less speak a clue on terrorism, international development and America's role in both. He had no idea he was to be the self-professed "War President". But just what are these wars we are fighting?

After bombing and shredding Afghanistan following his "smoke-em-out-of-holes" threat, the Taliban exist if not with more momentum.

Saddam Hussein is dead despite still missing Al Qaeda links and the absence of weapons of mass destruction. Somalia seems next and there can only be one reason: to give Bush (the war president) a new assignment so that to those that believe him, he worked to the bitter end.

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