Friday, August 29, 2008

On the (late) expiry of a political "career"...

Y'know, if ever you needed to feel sorry for a politician - if ever you could feel sorry for a politician - it would have to be Winnie the Pooh in his increasingly vain (and that is a good word to use) attempts to stay on top of the water. There was a time when people believed (I am NOT one of this group; my true opinion of Winnie the Pooh would be at best libellous) that the man could walk on the water and notr even get his feet wet!!

His appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs raised a few eyebrows, but, apparently in Winnie's universe that appointment is not "a bauble of state".

Let's try some tryptichs of what is going on at the moment...

"vile, malevolent and wrong" - Winnie's thoughts on the SFO's investigation of donations to NZ First.

"bluster, bombast and bullshit" - the Pooh defence.

"fear, loathing and panic" - Auntie Helen's "behind the doors" view.

"due, care and deliberation" - the public face of Auntie Helen.

"bubble, toil and trouble" - the three blue witches (for those who do not follow think "The Scottish play", a blasted heath, the downfall of Macbeth, the jonkey, the rhino hide, and the english master).

"I know nothing!" Winnie the Pooh's second line of defence.

Any other contributions welcome... :D


Eugene Tan said...

Oh you evil man. How can you pooh-pooh Winnie the Poo? ;)

The probligo said...

Winnie the Pooh is a common nickname for Winston Peters. Someone (not me) coined it in a fit of passion I suspect because he is "small and cuddly". Well the "Pooh" part is the defining part of the moniker at this time.