Sunday, September 07, 2008

On Father's Day...

Today is Father's Day here in NZ.

I had a very good Father's Day.

My wife gave me a very nice card with the inscription -

Families are like fudge...

mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Number One Son and his family came over for an afternoon tea.

Number Two Grand-daughter was in a very grizzly mood having had a disrupted morning schedule. Took a few funny faces to get her attention and things quietened down considerably.

Number One Grand-daughter got the double wink (both eyes, one at a time). Five minutes later I caught her "practising" from the safety of Dad's lap. When they left I got a full blooded double wink from her :) :) Gorgeous!!

So, I am better off by two cards, a box of scorched almonds (which will probably live in the cupboard for a few months because they do the waistline no good at all) and a phone call from Number One Daughter.

All in all, a good day.


Eugene Tan said...

The cerebral Probligo,

Happy belated father's day to you. Mostly sweet and a few nuts. Nice one.

Are you too sweet to be nuts or are you too nuts to be sweet? A matter of perspective. :)

The probligo said...

Ah-ha!! The paradigm in ultimate!

I believe (with no proof whatsoever) that my wife considers me "nutty but nice". Just that belief is enough for me.