Monday, September 29, 2008

Politicising stupidity -

Well, TF didn't seem to like my idea but since I am pig-headed I'll repeat it here.

It stems from TF's "How do I become an illegal alien?" post, a reprint of one of "those" letters that react with me the same way as the crumbs the Djinn of All Deserts sprinkled onto the rhinoscerous' skin while said rather grumpy beastie was taking a dip in the wadi.

I am not going to repeat Mr Ruppert's letter here (mainly for that reason).

This is what I wrote for TF -
There are times when I just can do no more than wonder at how some people's heads work.

Don't worry, TF, we have this kind in NZ as well.

OK, so the premise is -

Pay $2,000 fine.

Pay three years taxes.

Collect free citizenship card.

I think that if I were this jolly roger's political representative I might reply in the following terms...


First, Mr Ruppert, you might like to refund to your employer the difference between what you actually earned in the past 5 years as a presumably legal US citizen, and what might be paid to an illegal immigrant.

Right, got that?

Now sell your home, donate the proceeds to charity (along with any tax credits that might be due), and live in low income rental housing for the two years that you want tax free.

Still feeling keen?

Now remember that for the past five years you have been an illegal. You know the stress that you feel when you see that policeman shake his finger at you for exceeding the speed limit? Live like that for the whole 5 years, 24/7, the next police is going to stop you with intent and ask for your cards...

Finally, bear in mind that you could, in that 5 years, be one of the 5% that are caught and deported (in NZ it is closer to 50%). Like in snakes and ladders or monopoly - return to go, do not collect anything, and miss your next 5 turns...

Still want to join in?

Yours truly...

Perhaps too, Mr Ruppert might like to take employment in one of those (unwanted) jobs that are more often than not performed by the (unwanted) illegals. You know the kind of thing - fruit-picking, sewer fixing, house cleaning, gardening... And, Mr Ruppert, don't start getting on your high "taking jobs from the poor" horse with me either because even here in NZ we have to import labour to do some of these tasks. Admittedly, the unemployment level is currently still under 4% so the "legal" people can to some extent afford to pick and choose what they want to do for a crust.

The truth, Mr Ruppert, is that whatever way you measure it those "illegals" have been allowed to stay in America simply because America needs them as much as they want to escape Mexico or Vietnam or China or where-ever they might have come from.

And it is because of where they might have come from that I get mighty suspicious of the true motives behind these letters. Words like "red-neck" start to float to the top of the word-cloud, justified or not. The fact that they seem to surface when-ever there are elections in the offing does not give me any consolation either.

Having said all of that, America does have a problem. There are a great number of people who want to live there. Some are more "desirable" than others.

I do not fall into either camp.


Eugene Tan said...

'scuse me Aleck,

Can you please don't be so smart and teach people how to plug the loopholes? I still need them you know!?

Yours indignantly,

Al said...

Mr. Tan doesn't believe in making it easy for people to bounce over to his blog. Do you get a lot of trolls from our blogs, Eugene?

I don't know what I learned from the experience of assisting a Mexican illegal alien become legal here. I'm afraid she took a job from some fine, white girl.

I'm just frickin' bummin'.