Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am not at all sure...

...err...whether the Jonkey will be at all ...errr... pleased with this little piece of... ummm.. news in today's... ummm... errr... Sunday Star Times. No sooner has he ... oh!! the Jonkey himself ... err announced his intention to ...errrmmmm... govern NZ from the ...ummm... comparative safety of ... errr... Maui than the old ...err... bogey of the Exclusive Brethren ...ummm... raises its ugly head once more.
Timothy Lough, an Exclusive Brethren businessman involved in the controversial 2005 leaflet campaign on behalf of the National Party, said no final decision had been made on whether to campaign again this year.

"Personally, I think things are moving in the right direction and why rock the boat? What I mean is just as far as the general polls and that go. Although things can change quickly," Lough said.

He said the Exclusive Brethren knew its involvement could be counterproductive for the National Party. "That's possibly something that we would consider. We're not thick . . . I guess you could say the climate towards us is different."

Ummm, well you got that...ahhh...Right, Timothy.

Alongside that is a small panel summarising some of National's policies - ummm... as they stand at the moment - against the desires of the Exclusive Bretheren.

Repeal of Civil Union Bill - currently a conscience issue, says Jonkey.

Repeal of legalisation of prostitution - currently a conscience issue, says Jonkey.

Policies that help small businesses - policy not yet announced.

Better funding for private schools - Under National, the EB stands to gain about $1 million in additional subsidies for its 15 schools.

Repeal of nuclear ships ban - Jonkey has ruled out any change.

Closer defence ties with US - to be worked on, says Jonkey.

Ummm, Jonkey, I think that the electorate's response will be a very clear.

Yeah, ummm, Right!

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