Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mahinerangi Tocker MNZM 1956-2008; Mate.

Mahinerangi was one of those rare talents that is ignored by too many people; blessed with a fantastic voice, a deep knowledge of her cultural and musical roots, and the power to present both in humility and grace.

I heard her interviewed on radio, some time after she shifted to Mangonui to live, and she was commenting upon her (musical) relationship with influences as diverse as Richard Nunns and Hirini Melbourne at one end of the scale through to an oboeist from a Canadian symphonic orchestra with a delight in playing jazz at the other.

She was a champion of those suffering mental illness, participating in a major public campaign on chronic depression and bipolar disorder. She was a tireless worker in keeping the Maori musical culture alive. She was deeply involved in many aspects of Maori welfare and education.

She deserved a much older age.

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Students for a Free Tibet said...

Yes - a deep loss to many communities.