Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why alternative fuels are wrong - 1

Because they produce CO2.

How simple is that!


Dave Justus said...

They also absorb C02 before they release it. Plants are mostly made of carbon, that they get from the air. So if your fuel is all made from relatively recent biological processes, you won't change the carbon balance in the atmosphere.

Fossil Fuels are made from Carbon that was absorbed millions of years ago, and has since been sequestered. Releasing that carbon changes the balance of the atmostphere.

How simple is that?

Al said...

So Dave is bought and paid for by Big Corn.

Dave Justus said...

Hehe. Actually I hate corn ethanol, because it is inefficient and expensive.

However some other bio-fuels have promise. Switch grass ethanol or bio-gasoline or diesal from algea all have potention to be cheaper sources of fuel, and carbon neutral should that really matter.