Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why alternative fuels are wrong - 2

It takes 242kg (about 540lb) of corn to produce enough ethanol to fill the tank of an average RV just once. That would be perhaps (and someone can correct me here - I would be quite happy) 100 litres - 25 gal.

Now think about that 242kg.

That would be enough corn to fuel two humans for a year - given about 12 oz a day each.

How wrong is that!


Al said...


Eugene Tan said...

Unless renewable, alternatives are not wise solutions.

Dave Justus said...

That of course is just talking about one form of alternative fuels, ethanol from corn, which is admittedly the worst idea ever.

However, I don't know that your argument against it makes any sense. There are tons of ways that we use resources that theoretically could be better used to take care of poor people in some manner. We could chose to spend money for a full tank of conventional petroleum, or instead use that same money to provide vacinnes for Africa, potentially saving numerous lives. I'm not prepared to argue the morality of those particular trade offs, but we do that all the time, and I don't see any difference between that and using corn for fuel rather then for food.