Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's harassment now...



confusedforeigner said...

Probligo says on neo-neocon......

"She plans to marry here (Chinese-Indonesian would be her first choice, but she told me "a good Christian man" of any nationality is what she wants for a husband."

Adam, I can think of one VERY good reason...

It is called "right to permanent residence".

We have international students who try it on in NZ as well.
probligo | Homepage | 07.05.06 - 12:58 am | #

Hmmmm. Should have guessed.

A Winston First voter. Yuck.

No wonder you want to inveigle yourself with the racist supremecists over there.

The probligo said...


Your omniscience is astounding!!

FYI I know Winnie the Pooh personally, well I have met him three times and we had coffee together one afternoon. My opinion (as you will see if you read further back) of him is nothing like what you have said.

FYI I have voted Labour, National, and ManaMotuhake in the past five elections.

Are you saying that my statement on neo was wrong in fact?