Saturday, July 29, 2006

Peter W. Boag

I note, with some considerable sorrow, the passing of Peter Boag.

I knew him as my maths teacher in years 12 and 13. I owe him much for the learnin that he gave all of us in his class.

"Never accept the obvious".

"Always analyse the correct".

"Always question those who tell".

One of his favourite means of ensuring that classes paid attention to his teaching -

In expanding a mathematical statement on the board, he would make an intentional error. The more complex the statement, the less significant the mistake. If the class had not picked it by the end of that line, there would be a quick glare over his shoulder to make sure that we were awake. If it had not been picked up by the end of the next expansion (in which he would perpetuate the error) then the class would be in very deep trouble.

Peter more than any other teacher, taught me - all of us - HOW to think, to analyse, to use our personal skills and abilities to our best. He bacame a teacher whom we trusted, who was always open to discussion and debate, and who more than any other I have had taught the value of debate.

A very rare bird indeed.

Thank you Peter, thank you again.

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