Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sedition - I still have me doubts...

Tim Selwyn, of whom I wrote previously has appeared in Court for sentencing on the sedition charge.

Quite apart from the other matters I still have reservations about the sedition charge. The action seems comparatively slight, as does the resulting sentence of two months.

I am not sure, but I seem to recollect that there were one or perhaps two well known Maori gents who faced the prospect of sedition charges - which didn't get much further than the journos' lips - for their whakapohani at Waitangi a few years back.

OK, so the probligo will have to remember that sticking an axe in Auntie Helen's shopfront is not a valid expression of protest.

Oh, BTW this comment in no way applies to any of the other charges Selwyn faced and was found guilty. Those were criminal acts; they deserve the sentence given and perhaps more.

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